All my rings are made to order. It will take 4-6 weeks to make your ring.  Because of sizing and other particulars, I need to communicate directly with you either by phone or email. Once we have agreed upon a design, I will  send a PayPal invoice. You need not be a member of PayPal. All the prices for the rings can be found on the price list page

Most rings can be make in any color or karat gold. 14k or 18k yellow, white or red. I can use nickel free white gold or non oxidizing sterling, as well as platinum. The gold I use is recycled.

A variety of finishes are possible: polished, brushed or textured. Some rings can have the background areas sawn out. 

Accurate sizing is important. The best way is to go to a good jeweler and have them size you with a wide ring sizer. The sizer should fit over the knuckle snugly and once down on your finger rotate with a slight drag. Have the jeweler call me if there are any questions.

Any hard stone can be put in the branches. Diamond, ruby or sapphire will stand up to the wear. I use 1 pt., 2pt. or 3 pt. stones. You can use any number you like. If you put 9 stones in a ring you can always see three stones wherever the ring is rotated on your finger. The stones I use are conflict free.

I can also inlay the background with silver on most of these rings. That makes a smooth, one level surface. The contrast of the metals is very subtle. The best contrast is gotten with 14k red gold and silver with a brushed surface.  If you want bling, this is not for you 

Shipping includes postage cost, plus $5 handling.

I really like making these rings. I like creating a symbol and being part of a sacred ritual. I make each one by hand. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.