the out door sculpture studio

the out door sculpture studio


I began making jewelry at age 15 when I apprenticed with the jeweler/silver smith  C. Leslie Smith, in Allentown, PA from 1964 – 1967. He was a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art who was taught by Olaf Skoogfors. I opened my own silver smithing shop in New Hope, PA in 1968.  In 1975 I shifted to a wholesale jewelry business selling through craft galleries and juried craft shows.  Since then I have had many solo and group gallery shows. My jewelry is in private collections and galleries all over the world and in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My pieces have been included in books such as 1000 Rings (Inspiring Adornments for the Hand) A Lark Jewelry Book; Art Jewelry Today (A Schiffer Book for Designers & Collectors) by Dona Z Meilach and magazine articles in ” Lapidary Journal”, “Jewelers Circular Keystone” and numerous other publications.

For the last 12 years my jewelry making has been mostly wedding bands, a jewelry expression that is meaningful to me. I like my customers.  I enjoy their excitement and creating the ring for their wedding ritual.   

 Soon after I moved into the house where I presently live, I started experimenting with sculpture. There are several bluestone quarries nearby. While building a walkway and walls for a garden, I became intrigued with the stones I gathered and worked with. Then a series of serious illnesses stopped my work. During those years, while dreaming or sketching,  I saw metaphorical shapes expressed in the stone.  When I recovered I began by drilling through a stone to create a kind of portal. I pursued  drilling and grinding the stone with diamond tools, teaching myself how to achieve what I had imagined. This idea slowly evolved as  I opened and widened the drilled hole with diamond grinders, the tools naturally and organically created spiral shapes. I began gold leafing the carved surfaces so the inside of the stones appear golden. Some of the portals now have fabricated entryways made with copper. some are simply cleaved rocks with the exposed inside gold leafed. 

Gold leafed portal

Gold leafed portal






Hi William,

I just wanted to say we received the ring today and it couldn’t be more perfect. I slid it on my fiancée’s ring to check the fit and we both got goose bumps.

It is so special, I cannot rate the quality of your work highly enough!
— Suzanne & Marcus
Got the ring and love it !!!
Thank you !!!
— Ken

I had wanted to send you pictures from the wedding. Everyone loves the rings and remarks on how beautiful they are! (in fact my sisters friend may be ordering rings, as her and her husband have lost their original bands and need to have them replaced)

Thank you so much!!
— Kate & Jeanine
Thank you so much for the beautiful work on the rings.
They are fantastic!
Sorry it took so long to reply, we just wanted to let you know how much we truely enjoy our rings.
Again they are unique and wonderful1
We hope to do business again, and we hope your health is even more on the rise. Thanks again Sir, It is our pleasure.
— Sincerely, Jim and Patty
Hello William-

Just wanted to let you know that we received the rings yesterday. They are beautiful and fit perfectly, although we have to wait to wear them until the end of October. Thanks again!
— Rob
Hi Bill,

I just wanted to say again, how perfect the rings fit. The adjustments you made were superb and just what was needed. They nestle well and make a statement.

I am not sure the photo I texted you was enough to get the full effect. Thank you again.
— All our best! Deena
Hi William,

Thank you so much for your help and patience with me. I am more than
sure that she will love your work.
— Thanks, Josh

Be sure to put me down as a satisfied customer on your business reviews.
— Thanks, Matt
Dear Mr. Scholl,

I trust you are enjoying your summer. You seem very busy, I do hope you are able to steal a moment or two to enjoy the sunshine or a warm evening. Brent and I are swimming in anticipation for our big day; which is now a mere 23 days away. We were treading on rough waters for some months, but the storms have finally settled, and the sailing is now smooth. I just wanted to let you know that our hearts are at peace knowing that the rings we will wear on the day of our wedding and for the rest of our lives, are being crafted with such loving and caring hands.
— Sincerely, Heather
Dear Mr. Scholl,
Just wanted to let you know, once again, how much we love our rings, and how glad we are that things worked out.
— Sincerely, Brent and Heather
Hi William,
Geo and I wanted to let you know that we received our rings yesterday! They are AMAZING!! We are so excited to wear these rings as the symbol of our commitment to each other. It’s going to be hard to wait until October to get to wear them!!

Thank you again for your patience with all of our questions. do you have a Facebook page, or other social media site we can give you a great review?

All the best and thank you so much, again!!

— Jenn and Geo

The ring is absolutely beautiful! A true master piece. I have been meaning to write to you sooner however we have been traveling without internet in the north of Queensland so I havent had time. My flight to Sth American has been put on hold until 2013 although Andres will fly in a week, so in the end we had plently of time for its arrival which was a blessing.

Andres accepted me proposal and I so often look over at him quietly admiring his ring. It is truely stunning, Thankyou. From the bottom of both our hearts thankyou.

Im very interested in working with you again in designing my own ring, is it possible you have a full hard copy of your work you would be able to send to me in Melbourne Australia?

Thankyou again for all your help and ongoing emails.

Much respect and kindest of regards to you William.
— Ruth and Andres.
Dear Mr. Scholl
Today I ordered two wedding bands (tree ring) from “Clouds of Woodstock” gallery. These are replacement wedding bands as my original no longer fits. I ordered the smaller size for me, as arthritis prevents me from wearing a wider band. I wanted to tell you that both my wife and I were very taken with your craftsmanship and design. Thank you for helping us find the perfect band replacement.
— Peter R. Brumlik Phd, AAPM, ASLMS Clinician, Orthopedic Surgery
Okay. The ring has arrived; Maria and I could not be more pleased. You have probably been celebrated for your work before, but let me contribute by just saying THANKYOU. It is superb.
— Yours, Matthew
We’ve had so many comments from people we don’t even know who love the rings when they see them!
— Oliver
Dear William Scholl
A ring, of your making, adorns my right hand. In its weight, its dullness, its reflections and refractions of light - I find my own. In its marriage of sapphire sea, opal fire and lunar mysteries - it marries me with mine.
For your artistry in metal and stone, I thank you.
— Paula Bohm
soldering a ring in the jewelry studio

soldering a ring in the jewelry studio

DSCF0005 copy.JPG

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Hi William!

I just wanted to let you know that we received our rings and they are absolutely beautiful. You are so talented. The love put into these is evident.

Do you have a Facebook page or anywhere like that, so we could leave you positive feedback?

Thank you again so much!
Hi William
Sandra and I are thrilled with our rings. They’re just beautiful and fit perfectly.
I was very surprised by the inscription on the rings. Sandra always comes up with great ways to surprise me. Thank you for helping with that.
It been a pleasure dealing with you.